TOUR guide services customized or in groups

Golden Ibex Events and Tours help you plan your next visit to Santorini.
We provide tours that suits your needs and interests! 
As locals, who live on the island year round, we know how to provide unforgettable tours. 
We understand how important it is for our guests to get the most out of their holidays. 
Over the years we have assisted our guests enjoy their holidays, by experiencing first-hand, the true lifestyle and island living, celebrating local festivities and tasting local cuisine, 
by seeing it, through the eyes of a native. 

The professional tour experts of Golden Ibex are here to assist you in making the right decisions in booking any services from transfers (to and from the airport/port to accommodation), accommodation (Hotels, villas in all areas of the island and traditional mansions for large families), integrated wedding planning services and nuptial trips, to tours and activities that suit your personal taste, interests and time spent on this magnificent island 

Tailored Made Tours
Santorini panoramic, full day tours
Traditional Santorini tours
Half day tours 
Tailor made tours

Our team speaks English, French, Arabic and Greek fluently, and with our personal touch, knowledge and experience we will ensure your holidays with us, to be relaxing, enjoyable and most importantly memorable for everybody involved.

Contact us and our team will provide you with a special package a la carte made to suit your needs whether for business or leisure. Send your Request

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