ABAKUS HealthCare provides health care products WORLDWIDE in the fight against the CORONAVIRUS. You are welcome to browse our products on our home page and, in particular, our long-term disinfectant and disinfection devices designed for use in spaces where large numbers of people come into contact, such as in hospitals, hotels, airports, sports facilities and train stations. The Abakus Group buys/sells internationally food of all types, raw materials, technologies, machines and anything else which is required. Please contact us via e-mail.

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Atslēgas vārdi, kas saistās ar šo uzņēmumu

  • Aizsargmaskas
  • Cleaning products for hands, antibacterial
  • Long-term disinfectant for up to ten days
  • Plastic bottles for the food industry
  • Safety glasses for protective masks
  • Examination gloves made from latex sterile not sterile
  • Examination gloves made from vinyl sterile not sterile
  • Examination gloves made from nitrile, sterile and not sterile
  • Gloves for the hygiene sector
  • Plastic bottles in any size
  • Face masks from several manufacturers
  • Types such as KN95, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, 3M
  • Med. KN95 4-layer mask FFP2
  • Med. N95 4-layer mask FFP2
  • Medical N95 mask sterile
  • N95 4-layer mask FFP2
  • Protective suits A sterile
  • Protective suits B sterile
  • Disinfection devices ,hand-held and standing devices, nebuliser
  • Contactless hand/hand disinfection devices
  • work jackets
  • disinfectants
  • disposable shirts
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