AZRA GROUP is a purchasing pool specialist. We make offers geared to your company's requirements in line with your selection criteria and deadlines. Our team of experts will guide you throughout your project and will devise tailor-made services. We group orders together for distributors that specialize in various areas such as food-processing, computer hardware and building equipment. We act as the intermediary between our customers and our suppliers to ensure their satisfaction. Thus, we help you optimize the quality of your purchase and bringing your procurement costs down. To do so, we have set up an international network that makes AZRA GROUP your ideal partner. We streamline the air or maritime transport of your goods by applying logistics solutions. We have also started exporting local produce such as exotic fruit and fish produce.

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  • logistics management of goods
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  • Supplier for the food-processing industry
  • Exports of local products from the Congo
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  • Exports of green cooking bananas
  • Exports of exotic fruits
  • Exports of maize
  • Exports of African plums
  • Exports of dried salted cod
  • Exports of crayfish
  • Exports of prawns
  • Exports of crabs
  • Exports of avocado pears
  • Exports of mangoes
  • Exports of papaya
  • Exports of watermelon
  • Exports of pineapples
  • Тransport logistics
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  • goods transport by sea
  • fruit export
  • fruit export
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