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As an independent subsidiary of the SJS Group, since 2011 we have been producing solutions for commercial pick-up vehicles according to European requirements. Our focus is on design and future-proof innovations, paired with fast delivery and constant availability. Our products should complement the existing design and not look out of place. For this reason, we work in our team with flat hierarchies, which means that opinions and suggestions are gathered and incorporated into our products quickly and directly. Thanks to our parent company, we have decades of expertise in the commercial pick-up vehicle sector and would like to use this, together with our own experience of the specific characteristics of the European market, to offer our business and private customers the best possible solution.


Informācija par uzņēmumu

Atslēgas ciparu

  • Darbinieku skaita
    1 – 10


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  • Pamatdarbība
    Ražotājs/ Izgatavotājs

Atslēgas vārdi, kas saistās ar šo uzņēmumu

  • Automašīnu karosērijas - būve
  • Car accessories
  • Spare parts for cars
  • Vehicle parts for four-wheel drive vehicles
  • Hardtops for four-wheel drive vehicles and pick-ups
  • Accessories for off-road vehicles
  • Topup Cover©
  • Cargo bed covers
  • Roll bars
  • Cargo bed liners