Fish Roller Grader - Fish grading in 3 grades + oversize grade



Fish is supplied into receiving tank, where hopper- elevator lifts them up and drops onto distribution chute that later guides them onto rotating rollers. Tank is equipped with water level control system that helps to control permanent fish flow in any stage of work. Roller grading unit performs fish grading into three grades + oversize grade. Grading unit rollers are deployed into V shape with option to adjust the gap between rollers on in and out feed sides. Fish slides down the gap between rollers while the size of the gap is smaller than thickness of fish. When the fish size matches the gap size it falls through the roller gap and drops in the determined grade. Grades are separated and guided to cross – conveyors by easy moveable chutes. Fish from each grade is conveyed to the plastic bins is transported out with cross-conveyors. When the plastic bins are full with fish, the line operator can separately stop any of cross-conveyors, change the bin and run the conveyor again.