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The philosophy of Gruber Logistik GmbH is to provide service in the true sense of the word. The satisfaction of our customers is our main priority. At a time when logistics should generate increasingly limited costs, we are keen to play a pioneering role in the field of logistics service provision in order to reduce investments and fixed costs through our experience and synergies with the customer. It is our aim to optimise processes and costs to the benefit of our customers, to address all changes and wishes and to implement these immediately. To this end, the transparency and comprehensibility of all processes is a matter of course. We enjoy long-standing experience and are open to innovations. We promote efficiency at all levels of our company through cost awareness. Our customers and our employees benefit from the effectiveness of our work. We develop innovative and economical solutions for everyone concerned. - You success is our goal!

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We are the perfect partner! As you already know the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union since January 2021. That means, there are new regulations for the shipment from the United Kingdom to the European Union and back, consequently there is more effort for all of us. But it’s not just about the effort, it’s also about the costs. First of all your staff needs more time for organizing the consignments and the second point, which is even more expensive is customs clearance. Here is the solution: We operate as your distributor. As a logistics service provider, we take care of your incoming goods, storage, quality control, packaging, consignments in Germany and other countries in the EU, even your customs clearance if necessary. Here are your benefits: You don’t need to worry about customs clearance for shipments in EU countries. You save time and money. We guarantee a high quality execution of all logistics processes. We offer a convenient all-in-one package

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