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Kolchuginskii Melkhior, founded in 1896, produces crockery, tableware (spoons, forks and knives) and kitchen accessories out of cupronickel and copper. For 120 years we have been keeping the traditions and improving the quality of our products. The product quality only increases because we keep up with time, using all the state-of-the-art technologies. We are able to produce the widest range and satisfy all the requirements of the buyers from standard tableware, trademark glass holder or crockery orders to individual requests according to your drawings and personal engraving. Currently the product line of the enterprise includes more than 300 types of glass holders, 12 tableware collections in various versions and manufacturing of crockery and accessories out of copper and copper alloys. The line of showpiece copper crockery (bowls, pans, frying pans and scoops) has already gained popularity and success in the market. Due to bright, imperishable and rich history of the brand we are clearly distinguished in the market and in the consumers’ conscience: when it comes to glass holders, it means us - Kolchuginskii Melkhior. We are ready for any of your requests and are open for new cooperation.

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