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LeHA GmbH is a small, innovative company from the south of the Saxony-Anhalt region of eastern Germany, and has its company headquarters right at the heart of Saale-Unstrut – Germany's most northern wine-producing region. LeHA has been active on the German food market since 2002 and can look back on a true success story. Driven forwards by its high level of innovation, the company was able to continually expand and develop its range of products. This enabled the business to grow from a regional provider of a lactose-free, plant-based cream substitute into a Europe-wide company with many completely vegan products. Under the brand name "Schlagfix", the company is now one of the best-known suppliers of completely plant-based milk substitute products. Special quality features of Schlagfix products are their particularly authentic taste and versatility, which often even surpasses that of comparable, animal-based products – also winning over "non-vegans". There are many arguments that speak in favour of Schlagfix products – for example, they have fewer calories and are suitable for all, as well as being lactose-free, gluten-free and cholesterol-free. The company has achieved continuous growth, with its products sold by many Germany retailers. For example, our range of customers in Germany includes food retailers Edeka, REWE, Real, Kaufland, Globus, Bela, Metro, Tegut, Netto und Netto Stavenhagen. We also supply products to individual clinics and hospitals.

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