MatosPlás S.A. is a company based in Portugal specialized in thermoplastic injection. With over 40 years of experience, we ensure to provide the best product to our customers.
In our company, we develop, design and adapt to the needs of our customers. Our facility is equipped with a dynamic team, endowed with rich experience and great knowledge in innovation of 3D work tools. We control the whole production process, start to end. From development of the product, injection mould conception, production, assembly, packaging and shipping. We guaranty that the products are delivered to our customers in conformity with their specifications. All projects are managed within our companies, Matos Group.
Our production capacity ranges from 55T until 400T with 13 injection machines, enabling us to satisfy all our client’s requirements. All products are submitted to rigorous quality control (metrology), insuring a high-quality product.
In addition, we deliver a diverse set of services to our clients such as: pad-printing, ultrasonic welding, laser printing, digital film printing, serigraphy, frosting of plastic, assembly, packaging, among others.
Please visit our website or contact us, we will gladly answer your inquiries.

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  • Customized Cups
  • Plastic Cups
  • Unbreakable glasses

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  • Printeri 3D
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  • Plastmasas iesmidzināšana - iekārtas
  • welding
  • distension of plastic components
  • retarification
  • Plastic
  • plastic articles
  • plastic cups
  • plastic heat welding
  • Mechanized welding
  • subcontracting and mechanized welding
  • 3d design
  • 3d printer
  • pad printing
  • pad printing plastic materials
  • construction design of moulds
  • cast mould design
  • Customized moulded parts
  • co-moulding of plastic materials
  • CNC prototypes
  • 3D prototypes and prints
  • industrial prototyping
  • prototyping
  • injection
  • injection moulding
  • injection moulding of plastics
  • injection moulds
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