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MEC has been providing solutions which improve cargo safety, reliability and efficiency on container and roll-on/roll-off ships since 1988. It is our belief that expertise and passion, in combination with flexibility and high-quality service, are essential cornerstones which are required to master global challenges and ensure continued success in the future. We provide our customers with highly effective support and after-sales service worldwide from our sites in Hamburg and Singapore. We offer a wide range of products, which is supplemented by a wide range of supporting services. Certified according to ISO 9001 and other well-known standards, we work with our experienced employees on maintaining the consistently high quality of our offered products. Customers benefit from the "one stop shop" approach of MEC, which includes initial brainstorming, design, prototyping, production, QC and transport – backed by responsibility from a single source. In addition to standard lashing products, we also offer custom solutions that are tailored to the requirements of users.

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SMM Hamburg

Piedalīšanās pasākumā ・ 2022. g. 16. aug. lasīt vairāk Open In New icon

Dear customers, It’s finally here again. After the pandemic has made it almost impossible for all of us to meet in person in the past 2 years, we are very excited that the SMM in Hamburg will open the doors again in 2022 and that we all will have the opportunity to have good discussions and detailed information about our range of services. The MEC team would like to invite you to visit us at our exhibition stand in hall B2.EG, booth 316. MEC would be happy to advise you and your company on all important issues relating to efficient cargo security for your products on container and roll-on/roll-off ships. As an international acting company, MEC Container Safety Systems, with offices in Hamburg and Singapore, is your competent and flexible partner for everything from standard lashing products up to tailor made solutions and technical consultation. The safety of your cargo is our success.


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