Metallbearbeitung Becker GmbH was founded in Dautphetal in 1996. Within a relatively short space of time, we have been able to expand our production and storage spaces to an area of 6000 m² today. At present, we have a wide range of CNC machines available for turning and milling. Inductive hardening, complete assemblies and equipment for machinery and attachments are some of the fields of activity that are carried out by the experienced employees of our company. Production and waste disposal are carried out in accordance with strict environmental standards. For certain periods of time, all the energy required for manufacturing is generated and supplied solely from solar installations at the company's own plant. We use modern CNC machines to manufacture individual workpieces and assemblies according to drawing specifications. We are also able to work with cast components that have been provided by customers, for example. Furthermore, we can manage the procurement of materials and the organisation of additional process steps, such as surface and heat treatment.

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Attēli, kurus publicē šis uzņēmums

  • CNC-Fertigung

  • Baugruppenmontage

  • Fertigung von Prototypen

Atslēgas vārdi, kas saistās ar šo uzņēmumu

  • Tērauds un metāli - mehāniskā apstrāde
  • Tērauds un metāli - virsmas apstrāde un pārklājumi
  • Lielas metāla konstrukcijas
  • Griešanas darbgaldi
  • Component assembly
  • Flat grinding
  • Vibratory Finishing
  • Prototype engineering
  • Welded assemblies
  • CNC finishing
  • CNC milling
  • Machining of metals
  • Metal processing
  • c.n.c milling
  • metrology
  • Construction of jigs and fixtures

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