Our company is specialized in healthcare products, namely in spine and neck correction devices. Our devices are created with the purpose of alleviating and correcting different problems of the spine, to avoid surgery.
Among our products are innovative devices called Sacrus device which treats pelvic dysfunctions by influencing muscles and ligaments of the sacrum and eliminating sciatic pain, thereby effectively relaxing the nervous system; and Cordus device, which helps to eliminate the hypertension of intervertebral muscles, the leading cause of spinal dysfunctions.

Our devices have received European and American Certificates of conformity and have been patented in Russia, EU, and North America. They have received wide recognition and are currently sold in Europe, the United States, and Latin America. More than 900 foreign specialists have given positive feedback about using our products.

Sacrus and Cordus devices are sold in orthopedic shops, fitness and yoga centers, and health and fitness online stores. These devices have also been used by professional athletes as part of the rehabilitation therapy, including after training session.
We are involved in designing personal medical devices since 2008.

Advantages of working with us:
- High rate of return (100-250% margin)
- High demand on both В2С and В2В market (confirmed demand in 12 countries of Europe and America)
- Growing target audience
- Own R&D department
- Manufacturing capacity

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  • Cordus PRO device
  • Cordus PRO works the Cervical spine
  • Cordus PRO works the Thoracic (Dorsal – Coxis) spine

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