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LESJÖFORS has long experience of making springs and constantly gives priority to technological developments in the field. Our main competitive advantages are our wide product range, high quality and service. Our spring range has a unique breadth and is known for its durability, adaptability and variation ability. Our springs are used in just about every industry sector, which could be power generation, paper and pulp industry, but also offshore, automation and infrastructure. Our spring operations are focused on manufacture, stocking and distribution. We stock and distribute all kinds of springs and conform to our customers' requirements. Lesjöfors stocks over 10.000 standard items for direct delivery.

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  • Galvenā vietne
  • Hot coiled compression springs



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  • end design compression springs

  • gas spring

  • gas springs end fitting

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  • Spirālatsperes
  • Atsperes
  • Stieples atsperes
  • Loksnes atsperes
  • Spirālveida atsperes
  • Spirālveida atsperes
  • manufacturer of customised springs
  • manufacturer of gas springs
  • lockable gas springs
  • standard springs
  • strip components made from steel strip
  • wire components for machinery
  • tension springs
  • Manufacturer of Hot coiled compression springs
  • Metallic spring materials
  • compression springs
  • torsion springs
  • helical compression springs

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