PMH GmbH was founded in 1989 and deals in new and used machines and systems for the plastics processing industry. We overhaul and update the used machines we provide in close cooperation with our customers and also offer commissioning and after-sales service. We offer co-extruders with a screw diameter of 30 mm directly from stock. Extrusion systems for filaments (used in 3D printers) are also available from stock. We would be happy to also offer you appropriate packaging for sea or air cargo, as well as the corresponding transport (FOB, CNF, CIF). In addition, we offer suitable spare and wear parts. All our quotes are based on our terms of delivery and payment (no. 01-2007) and can be requested at any time.

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  • Plastmasas štancēšana - iekārtas
  • Plastmasa - rūpnieciskās iekārtas
  • Downstream extrusion systems
  • Conveyor systems for the plastics industry
  • Laboratory adapters
  • Extrusion systems, used
  • Flat-film extrusion systems
  • Machines and systems for plastics processing
  • Granulators for the plastics industry
  • Extrusion systems for pipes
  • Extrusion systems for filaments
  • single-screw extruders
  • Extrusion lines for filaments
  • twin screw extruders
  • thermoplastic material extrusion systems
  • Plastics manufacturing
  • machines for plastics extrusion
  • downcoilers

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