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QuellTech GmbH, Munich, has been developing and producing technically high-quality laser sensors for precise 2D/ 3D measurement of objects since 2009. Thanks to our flexible production method and our focus on this measurement technology, we can adapt our laser sensors to a wide variety of project requirements: -Limited installation space -High temperatures (up to 1200 ° C) -Optically sophisticated surfaces, high-gloss or minimal reflectivity -Very small to large measuring widths (5mm to several meters) -Harsh environments, dust, extraneous light, humidity, underwater, gamma radiation Even with the fastest production cycle, our test sequences, integrated in the production line, deliver reliable results and manage without manual sampling: A valuable support for quality assurance in mechanical engineering, automotive, robotics, welding technology and consumer electronics. As part of OEM programs, we offer customer-specific adjustments in mechanical properties and firmware. What makes us different from others? Our strengths are that we can develop complex solution proposals for our customers, thanks to our technical competence and international project experience. We are a reliable partner and only recommend solutions to our customers that are technically and economically viable.

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Quality Inspection of Grinding Wheels by 3D Measurement

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This technical concept allows to perform an inline inspection of all geometrical parameters to 100%, at a cycle rate of less than 10 sec. The recording background of raw data ensures a traceability of test results data to 100%. Thanks to the implementation of this non-contact measuring method, the quality of the grinding wheels of our client is reliably supervised by an inline control system perfectly adapted to the entire production sequence.


Aluminium Ingot Scanning

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