The development of the SAMARIT ROLLBORD™, a patient repositioning system which does not require the patient to be lifted, was patented in 1988 and became the basis for our international sales organisation, which comprises more than 80 sales partners in over seventy countries. Over the last few years, SAMARIT Medical AG has developed a variety of intelligent aids to facilitate the provision of nursing care. The new products are developed in cooperation with doctors, specialists, nursing staff and engineers with the aim of achieving the best possible price-performance ratio. Significant products are under development and will become new milestones in the international development of the SAMARIT Group.

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  • Patienten Transfer Brett - Schritt 1

  • Patienten Transfer Brett - Step 2

  • Patienten Transfer Brett- Schritt 3

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  • Slimnīcu gultas
  • Medical equipment
  • Hospital supplies
  • Patient lifts
  • Medical devices
  • Hospital facilities
  • Positioning pillows, medical
  • Patient positioning systems
  • Patient transfer units
  • Light therapy equipment
  • Import/export – medical and surgical devices and equipment
  • Sanitary products for people with disabilities
  • Medical imaging devices and equipment
  • Nursing aids
  • Lying repositioning of patients
  • Seated repositioning of patients
  • Transfer board
  • Transfer turntables
  • Bed slide sheets
  • Lifting aids
  • Surgical splint
  • Anti-slip pads
  • Struma Face Protector
  • Shoulder pull systems
  • Severo electric tablet mortar
  • Standing repositioning of patients

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