Customized Cooling Solutions

SEPA EUROPE was founded in 1990 and we have accumulated almost 30 years of experience in the electronics cooling sector. We pass the benefits of this on to our customers! Our dedication and expertise means that we are ready to face any challenge when it comes to designing individual cooling solutions. In this respect, our skills range from ready-to-connect fans with customer-specific cord lengths and connectors, to assembled fan/heat sink units, fully customer-specific fan designs and commissioned goods in sales-optimised packaging. As a specialist in the electronics cooling industry, SEPA EUROPE coined the term MagFix®. The name MagFix® comes from "magnetic fixing" and refers to the means of securing the fan propeller or rotor in slide bearing fans. This technology allows us to develop fans that can be used at high operating temperatures and have an extremely high expected service life. Our customers are always impressed by our extensive range of standard products.

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  • SEPA EUROPE Firmengebäude

  • Produkte im Bereich Embedded Systeme

  • Lüfter für die Automobilindustrie

Atslēgas vārdi, kas saistās ar šo uzņēmumu

  • Rūpnieciskie ventilatori
  • Axial fans
  • Radial fans
  • Chip cooler
  • Fan accessories
  • CPU cooler
  • Filter fans for switching cabinets
  • Fans for electronics
  • Fans for direct current
  • Radial fans
  • Protective grilles for fans
  • Heat-conductive adhesives
  • Fan fastenings
  • High-powered fan for LED cooling
  • Fan for integration in heat sink
  • Cooling design for embedded PC
  • OEM cooler for graphic cards
  • Customer-specific assemblies
  • Automotive fans
  • Compact fans
  • axial fans
  • Voltage transformers
  • protection grilles
  • Heat dissipators
  • Fastening parts
  • Fan motors for electronic devices
  • radiator fans for motor vehicles
  • aerators
  • air generators
  • dissipating units for transformers

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