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Soleil d’Afrique sells a wide range of exotic organic foodstuffs manufactured at our main plant in Cote d’Ivoire and processed at our 2nd plant in France. We export in large quantiles all over the world. We offer several varieties of product: , attiéké (manioc couscous), 100% organic Shea butter, organic bees' honey with no added sugar, mango butter, cocoa butter, palm oil (red oil), palm kernel oil, millet seeds, shrimp powder, fish powder, peanut butter, pistachio butter, smoked fish (pike, tilapia, catfish, etc.), snails (smoked, dried and frozen), chébé powder, ambunu, moringa seeds, etc. Our foodstuffs are also used to manufacture natural cosmetic products and certain medicinal preparations. Soleil d’Afrique has been famed for its attiéké for over 50 years. Don't hesitate to contact us for your wholesale orders at prices that cannot be bettered.

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