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Our company is engaged in the production and wholesale of fruit drinks and juice products. We produce up to 15, 000 liters of products daily. "Combine of natural products" is one of the few producers of fruit drinks in Russia based on whole fruits and berries. Unlike most manufacturers, the recipe does not use flavorings, colorants, flavor enhancers, chemical additives, as well as purees, concentrates and sugar substitutes. Filling of fruit drinks and juices is made in glass, plastic containers (HotPet), and aseptic bags (Bag-in-Box). Safe for human health glass containers avoid the formation of salts and oxides, and the unique technology of heat treatment of plastic containers allows you to maintain the safety and quality of products. Our products are certified according to the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union. The production has a food safety system HACCP ISO 22000 and a management system ISO 9000-9001. Thanks to the natural raw material base based on whole (solid) berries, juice and fruit, as well as hot filling technology, our drinks retain their benefits and quality throughout the shelf life, which varies from 12 to 24 months.

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