VicCos Diffusion was founded in 2012 by Beatrice Costa and Patrizia Viccaro, who have created their own eyelash extension brands: BLashes. Our quality eyelash extensions are supported by an efficient and fast application technique with perfect results for a glamorous, natural and intense look. Our eyelashes are made from light, soft and silky micro-fibres. Our glue is instant. Our application technique respects the anatomy of natural eyelashes and does not cause any damage. In addition to selling our products, such as mascara brushes, cases for false eyelashes ... we also provide training for beauty professionals so they can extend their services. We are located in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Just like the visitors who discovered Blashes at the Cosmorpof Worldwide exhibition in Bologna, come and discover all our products like special extension mascara which can be removed with just hot water!

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