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ZAMKO is an independent specialist in collapsible pallet boxes. Our challenge with each project is to offer our customers the most fitting solution against the best price. KEYWORDS “Service-oriented” “Independent advice” “Solution driven specialist” ADVICE We usually arrive at the most optimal solution by actively thinking along with our customers. Taking the requirements of customers’ logistics project as the starting point, we try to think out of the box in finding a fitting solution with the lowest running costs. ASSORTMENT Our extensive range of foldable pallet boxes is high quality and competitively priced, whether made from plastic, wood, steel, or carton. Next to offering specific sector solutions, we also develop custom solutions. POOLING & RENTAL Pooling and renting pallet boxes is our specialism. You pay a small amount per day or pay-per-use. REPAIR We professionally repair plastic pallet boxes of all types. If necessary, on location throughout Europe. CUSTOMERS Next to medium & small businesses, among our customers are top-level international companies like Duracell, Knorr-Bremse, ITW, Lonza, Liebherr, Osram, Philips, Qsil and Wienerberger They are operating with our collapsible pallet boxes for their production-, warehousing-, transport- & distribution processes. INDUSTRIES Our customers operate in a wide range of industries, all over Europe •Chemical Industry •Agricultural Industry •Repair & Maintenance •Cold Chain Logistics

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Extra-large and reinforced pallet boxes at a 70% discount

Produkta laišana tirgū ・ 2022. g. 18. sept. lasīt vairāk Open In New icon

UTZ extra large pallet boxes are known for their quality and durability. This makes them extremely suitable for transporting goods and products sensitive to impact and other transport damage for the automotive industry, military industry, and more. Unique offer The happenings around the world right now have put the logistics of manufacturing companies to a huge test. In order to remain competitive, logistics managers and departments must drastically reduce costs when transporting their goods and products to the end customer. This is why Zamko's offer is so special. A 70% discount on the price of a pallet box is a cost saving that may even save your company. Verified & Guaranteed The oversized UTZ folding pallet boxes that Zamko offers are used. But each of the boxes in the three dimensions they come in (1312, 1412, and 1712) has been inspected and is guaranteed to be in excellent condition. What's more, the 1312 and 1412 are almost new. Zamko offers working solutions for your logist


Walk-in easy loading Pallet Box - front side removable

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