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  • LOUVRETTE has specialised in the development and production of top-quality plastic packaging solutions for the cosmetics industry for more than half a century.

    Piegādātājs: Packaging | packaging materials | Plastmasa - izstrādājumi apģērbu rūpniecībai | Plastmasas iepakojumi | Plastmasas pudeles un glāzes [+] plastic boxes | packing containers | global packaging solutions | machine building | cosmetic packaging | packaging for cosmetic products | pots for the cosmetics sector | soft tubes for cosmetic creams | plastic tubes | dispensers

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    AUSTRIJA- Brunn Am Gebirge
    JOMA KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The privately-owned Austrian company, Joma, has been synonymous with outstanding product developments in plastics technology for several decades and is an internationally recognised specialist in...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging | packaging materials | plastic packaging materials | packaging and packing material | packaging materials for the food industry [+] bottle caps | plastic boxes | synthetic caps | non-reusable packaging- | development of packaging | spice grinders | plastic screw tops | food packaging for the retail industry | packaging for the food processing industry | packaging for the pharmaceutical industry

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  • Design meets functionality: Eye-catching transparent packaging. As a traditional manufacturer of transparent packaging and a wide range of other film products, we recognise the value that packaging...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging | packaging materials | plastic materials for packaging | Īpašs iepakojums - uzņēmumi | Īpašs iesaiņojums [+] Plastmasas iepakojumi | folding cases | plastic packaging for speciality foods | copolymer | taping | plastic food containers | square plastic packaging | round plastic packaging | packaging for confectionary | polyethylene packaging solutions

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    VĀCIJA- Cuxhaven
    FLEROS KUNSTSTOFFE GMBH - Verified by Europages plastic trays and all other products, are made of high-quality, food-safe plastic materials. In addition to the various plastic containers and packaging buckets, plastic boxes and pallets are an integral part of our product range.

    Piegādātājs: packaging material | Plastmasa - iepakojums | Pārtikas produktu iepakojumi | covers for packaging | plastic boxes [+] plastic pails | plastic buckets | plastic trays | sealing bowls | lids for sealing bowls | packaging bucket | round plastic buckets | rectangular plastic buckets | square shaped plastic buckets | plastic bucket with handle

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  • Our sphere of activity has always been plastic packaging for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Customers who come to us needing a tube, drum or bottle made of plastic are in the right...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging | plastic materials for packaging | production of packaging materials | packaging and packing material | aluminium tubes [+] plastic boxes | folding cases | plastic tubes | labels | plastic bottles for laboratories | pet packaging | packaging of cosmetic products | packing for the pharmaceutical industry | displays made of plastic | tubes (packaging)

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    VĀCIJA- Tholey
    URSATEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    URSATEC GmbH is synonymous with innovative developments in the fields of preservative-free pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical products such as oral and nasal sprays and inhalers. We are the...

    Piegādātājs: primary packaging material for the pharmaceutical industry | project-specific primary packaging materials | primary packaging material for the cosmetic industry | Dezinfekcija un sterilizācija - pakalpojumi | Jaunu ražojumu izstrāde - ārpakalpojumi [+] dosing systems for medicinal products | contract filling for pharmaceutical products | plastic bottles | brown glass bottles | polyethylene bottles | development for preservative-free cosmetics | sterile filling | plastic spray systems | pump systems for the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics industries | dosing systems for nasal, buccal, sublingual application

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    VĀCIJA- Lahr
    LESER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    With a company history steeped in tradition, Leser has developed into a company of considerable size and importance. Founded in Lahr in 1937, Leser GmbH is now a leading company in the market for...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging | packaging materials for watches and jewellery | Iepakojums - uzņēmumi | packaging for jewellery and cosmetics | luxury packaging design [+] luxury packaging manufacturer | cardboard and pasteboard working | environmentally-friendly packaging | cardboard box and packaging | packaging for fashion products | watch cases | paper and paperboard packaging | packaging boxes | jewellery packaging | cases for coins and medals

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    BEĻĢIJA- Gent
    MARCO - Verified by Europages

    Marco is a go-ahead business specialising in articles for baptisms, communions and weddings, as well as offering its seasonal collections. WIth its wide range and keen prices, Marco deals with...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | Lentes un virves | sugared almonds | gift-wrap | wedding articles [+] baptism articles | artificial flowers | tapes | easter item | winter festivity articles | christmas decorations | christmas gift packages | wedding cake decorations | wholesale gift items | baptism articles

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  • TFT Thüringer Fiber-Trommel GmbH is a medium-sized family business. We have been manufacturing our products since 1965 in Rositz, a municipality in east Thuringia with a long-standing history of...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | extension leads | cardboard reels | forklift truck | edge protectors [+] paper and paperboard packaging | paper and cardboard products | paper packaging | chemical packaging | transport packaging | corrugated cardboard reels | fibre drums | shipping tubes | laminated paper tubes | hot melt packaging

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    ŠVEICE- Pratteln
    LOGO-PLASTIC AG - Verified by Europages

    ...(PE), polypropylene (PP) and recycled materials (r-HDPE, r-PET, r-PP and ocean plastic). Our large partner network manufacture accessory parts from polypropylene (PP and r-PP). Sustainability and recycling are important...

    Piegādātājs: plastic packaging materials for the food industry | durable packaging | packaging for cosmetics | development of packaging | Plastmasas iepakojumi [+] Plastmasas tvertnes | packaging for dangerous goods | pet packaging | plastics manufacturing | environmentally-friendly packaging | r-hdpe bottles | marine plastic bottles | round containers | buckets and beakers | adblue

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    VĀCIJA- Kleinkarlbach
    GECHEM GMBH & CO KG - Verified by Europages

    Production, processing and distribution of chemical/technical products in the areas of washing powder and detergents, automotive chemistry, skin care, construction chemistry and agricultural...

    Piegādātājs: full service, purchase of raw materials and packaging materials | Fitosanitārija - līdzekļi | contract filling | contract filling of powders and granulates | contract filling of liquids [+] filling in tins, cans, canisters, buckets | filling in barrels and ibc | refilling of liquid products | filling in sacks | filling in folding boxes | filling in stand-up pouches | filling in tubular bags and side sealed bags | pressing tablets | foiling tablets, including in water-soluble foil | blistering tablets

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  • Dynamic, experienced, technically highly qualified – this is how we prove ourselves in our main markets such as ice cream, dairy, delicatessen, confectionery and pet food. As an industry specialist,...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | Packaging | Kartons - speciāls un tehnisks | Pārtikas produktu iepakojumi | Kartona kastes [+] Košļājamā gumija | ice-cream packaging | folding cases | plastic cups | packaging for the food-processing industry | biodegradable packaging | plastic pails | promotional packagings | folding boxes made from cardboard | paper drinking cups

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    ŠVEICE- Grüningen
    INNIQUE AG - Verified by Europages

    ...colour and shape – the possibilities are endless. Products include: • Advertising materials • bottles for the drinks industry • plastic containers • plastic bottles • plastic liquid packaging • and much more

    Piegādātājs: plastic packaging materials | Plastmasas pudeles un glāzes | bottles for packaging | plastic boxes | polyethylene packaging solutions [+] flasks | promotional gift items | advertising articles | advertising material | sports caps | plastic liquid packaging | chemical bottles | plastic bottles for the food industry | bottles for the drinks industry | plastic bottles

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  • Welcome to Maschinenbau Scholz GmbH & Co. KG! Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Come and speak to us! Our products include: Quick-release...

    Piegādātājs: Packing and packaging materials, metal | Gumijas vulkanizēšana - iekārtas un aprīkojums | autoclaves | plants with autoclave | accessories for autoclaves [+] autoclaves for industrial processes | autoclaves for the food and cannery industry | autoclaves for compounds | autoclaves for rebuilding tires | wood impregnation | timber impregnating machines | machinery and equipment for vulcanizing rubber | steriliser for the environment | industrial sterilisers | industrial vulcanisation

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    VĀCIJA- Aldenhoven
    IP VERPACKUNGEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...the latest technology to save as much energy and material as possible. In addition, we have developed an entire product line made from recycled material. These items made from recycled EPS are manufactured in a certified process in...

    Piegādātājs: polystyrene foam packaging materials | eps packaging | packaging for gastronomy | thermoform packaging | Plastmasa - iepakojums [+] plastic food containers | tray sealers | disposable forks | single use spoons | single-use knives | pet packaging | disposable thermal meal trays | fast-food packaging | plastic foldable packaging | plastic disposable cutlery

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    VĀCIJA- Hergensweiler
    ROSE PLASTIC AG - Verified by Europages

    rose plastic is regarded as the world’s No. 1 supplier of high-quality hard plastic packaging for the tooling industry. But many other industries also appreciate the uncompromising quality, precision...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging | plastic packaging materials | Plastmasas iepakojumi | Plastmasa - iepakojums | plastic case [+] plastic packaging | flexible packaging | packing chains | packing containers | hard shell cases | plastic bushes | case for musical instruments | plastic carrying containers | plastic storage boxes | containers for tools

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    VĀCIJA- Öhringen
    HUBER PACKAGING GROUP GMBH - Verified by Europages

    HUBER Packaging produces tinplate packaging for lacquers, chemical products and food, specialising in 5-litre party barrels. We also produce plastic packaging in Switzerland.

    Piegādātājs: Packing and packaging materials, metal | metal cans | plastic boxes for cds and cassettes | food tins | pitchers [+] canisters | sterilized preserves | food industry | packaging, metal | canning industry supplies | advertising cans | metal cans | packaging for dangerous goods | sheet containers | draught beer systems

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    VĀCIJA- Berlin
    LEEF BLATTWERK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As a global palm leaf specialist, we embody quality, sustainability and expertise: Our disposable products are naturally and sustainably produced and therefore industrially and garden compostable. By...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging | packaging material, organic | takeaway packaging for the catering industry | disposable tableware, compostable | disposable packaging [+] disposable packaging, compostable | catering supplies (non-food items) | plates (tableware) | business catering | camping tableware | catering supplies | disposable products for commercial kitchens | wooden disposable cutlery | disposable cardboard tableware | disposable plastic tableware

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    RUSIJA- Moscow
    PROTEK GROUP - Verified by Europages

    Protek group is the largest Russian, federal, trade and production network for the production of food packaging. We have been manufacturing packaging materials, plastic packaging for the food...

    Piegādātājs: polystyrene foam packaging materials | Pārtikas produktu iepakojumi | Plastmasas iepakojumi | containers for food use | disposable forks [+] food wrap | food-grade polypropylene packaging | fruit packaging | hermetic packaging | ice-cream packaging | pastry and bakery containers | packaging for foods | packaging for meat | packaging for the food-processing industry | pet containers

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    VĀCIJA- Düsseldorf
    MIOMODO - Verified by Europages

    Miomodo means "doing things my way". The fact that everyone is so individual makes the occasions at which we give special gifts unique. Our products: We offer creative and up-to-date gift packaging,...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | giftwrap packaging material | Papīrs dāvanu iesaiņošanai | self-adhesive plates | hamper creation [+] recycled cardboard | tissue paper | paper | wedding announcement cards | invitation cards | personalised labels | colour cards | gift bags | gift boxes | gift boxes

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    VĀCIJA- Nordhorn
    VARIOTECH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As a quality market leader in the field of workpiece carriers for automated production, we produce high-precision plastic carrier systems on which assemblies are transported and processed. Certified...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging | plastic packaging materials | deep-drawing films | blister packaging | plastic trays [+] plastic moulded parts | workpiece carriers | plastics – raw materials, industry | handling systems | plastic workpiece carriers | multilayer plastic containers | plastic packaging | plastic semi-finished products | thermoform packaging | thermoformed packaging

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    VĀCIJA- Dorsten
    LOICK TRADE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The company group Loick develops and manufactures innovative products from renewable raw materials. These substitute many conventional products made from plastics representing a real sustainable...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging | packaging material, organic | packaging padding made from natural materials | packaging films | non-reusable crockery, compostable [+] disposable drinking cups | creative toys | plastics, biodegradable | toy | craft material, craft toys | gift | children, child's birthday | pedagogical, education, learning | occupation, leisure activity | playmais

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  • This is made possible by in-house tool manufacturing and a flexible team. You can respond to new trends and implement completely new innovations. We will help you to do this – quickly, reliably and,...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging | Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | Gumijas un plastmasas caurules un šļūtenes | Plastmasa - rūpnieciskas izejvielas | Plastmasa - rūpnieciski izstrādājumi [+] Plastmasa - mājsaimniecības priekšmeti | Plastmasa - iepakojums | Plastmasa - pārklājumi un slāņaini materiāli | Plastmasa - grīdas klājumi | Rūpniecisko iekārtu īre | Plastmasas pudeles un glāzes | Plastmasas kārbas un kastītes | production of tools | bottles and jars for pharmaceuticals | pots for the cosmetics sector

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    VĀCIJA- Attendorn
    EUROTEC SPANNRINGE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Eurotec Spannringe GmbH was founded on 02.09.1997. The company employs a workforce of 48 people, who work on a 5000-m2 covered production area to produce packaging accessories. The company's main...

    Piegādātājs: Packing and packaging materials, metal | toggle latches | closures | handles | moulded, stamped and drawn parts [+] epdm | stamping parts | lid clasps | clamping rings | toggle fasteners for pipes | accessories for drums | spring clips | flip handles | clamping ring fasteners | epdm sealing sheeting

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    FRANCIJA- Tarascon
    DELTAPACK - Verified by Europages

    DELTA PACK Emballage Industrie provides all types of special 100% recyclable biodegradable paper for industry, the food and food processing sector, poultry rearing and transport.Paper and technical...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | crepe paper for bag stitching | thermosealable paper for bags | non-slip pallet separators | anti-humidity pallet separators [+] bituminous paper for waterproofing | crepe paper for chick rearing | degradable corrugated cardboard for farrowing | shock-resistant cushioning paper | corrugated card bottle separators | fire-retardant masking paper | corrugated card bedding for pets | corrugated card separators | silicone paper

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    VĀCIJA- Schmalkalden
    E-PROPLAST GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our company works with synthetic materials and specialises in the manufacture of PET bottles. Development, design and production of PET bottles and containers: We make PET bottles with volumes of 20...

    Piegādātājs: plastic packaging materials | packaging materials for the food industry | Termoizolācijas iepakojums | synthetic caps | pet packaging [+] pet bottles | hot fill | preforms for pet synthetic bottles | pet plastic bottles | plastic spray bottles | packaging for cosmetics | hip flasks | bottles for the drinks industry | plastic screw tops | caps

    Zīmoli : E-proPLAST

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    UKRAINA- Zhydachiv
    INTER-PACK UKRAINE - Verified by Europages

    “Inter-Pack” company was established in 2007 and has become one of the leaders of the branch. The main type of “Inter-Pack’s” activity is production and selling of paper tubes (cores) and protective...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | Packaging | Kartona caurules | protection corners | environmentally-friendly packaging [+] edge protectors | paper tubes | packaging protective corners | cardboard corners | corner | protective cardboard corners | cardboard cores | cardboard edge protectors | paper cores

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    ITĀLIJA- Tortona
    GLOBAL TUBE SPA - Verified by Europages

    Company specialising in the manufacture of flexible tubes, cannulas, catheters and lip tubes. Continual technological progress and a competitive and aggressive marketplace force companies to offer...

    Piegādātājs: packing and packaging materials | Plastmasa - iepakojums | Trafaretdruka | custom made containers | plastic tubes [+] packing | packaging systems | rigid tubes | twist caps for packaging | small tubes for packaging | lithographic printing | silk-screen printing

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    POLIJA- Parzniew
    MAZOP GROUP SP. Z O.O. - Verified by Europages

    Manufacturer and distributor of paper and cardboard packaging and packaging inserts with own design department and machine park. The offer includes cardboard packaging in any size and shape;...

    Piegādātājs: Packaging materials - paper and cardboard | Kartona kastes | packaging foam | envelopes and bags for packing | undulated cardboard boxes [+] packing boxes | polyurethane foams for packing | packaging boxes | corrugated board packaging | foam polyethylene or polyurethane packing inserts | expanded polyethylene foam | lightweight cardboard and microflute boxes | customized paperboard boxes | printing on packaging

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    BEĻĢIJA- Diest
    BOON-WEETS - Verified by Europages

    Boon-Weets is proud to have over 20 years experience in the production of aluminium dishes for top quality tealight candles in different sizes and colours. To complete this range, we have launched...

    Piegādātājs: Packing and packaging materials, metal | cardboard packaging items | aluminium packaging items | coloured tea light candle holders for plate-warmers | metal-coated tea light candle holders for plate-warmers [+] plastic packaging items | tea light candle holders for plate-warmers | tea light candle holder for plate-warmers | metal tea light candle cups for plate-warmers | aluminium packaging items

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