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BELREY FIBRES SA is in business in textile recycling and specializes in producing recycled synthetic fibres. We have high-performance equipment and operate 5 fibre lines at Mouscron, Belgium, with powerful cutters, mixing chambers, rag tearing lines and integrated bailing presses. We have direct access to textile waste all over the world, which means that we offer a wide choice of synthetic materials. Our annual capacity is 15 000 tonnes of fibres such as nylon, polyester and polypropylene. Reprocessed synthetic fibres are used as secondary material for non-woven products in a number of industries, primarily automotive, geotextiles, drainage, spinning and many others besides, as an economic and ecological alternative. We can produce clean, uniform materials on our bespoke processing equipment. We have ISO9001 certification and can guarantee quality fibres. Another recovery process is repelletizing that enables us to transform thermoplastic textile waste into pellets for manufacturing plastic parts. The recovery of waste as a secondary resource helps to cut production costs by reducing raw material costs. We sort and process about 60 tonnes of textile material every day. Feel free to contact us for further details!

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Boulevard du Textile, 5

7700 Mouscron - Beļģija

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