CMPLAST is a company established in Długie, Łódź Voivodeship. Our plant specializes in mechanical processing of non-ferrous metals, steel or plastics. We use digitally controlled devices. CNC machining is a precise method, thanks to which both individual and serial orders have high repeatability, and each workpiece is made with high accuracy.

We work on the basis of technical drawings and standards provided to us. We use machining methods such as:
- CNC milling,
- CNS turning,
- conventional machining.
From plastics or independent materials we manufacture the following elements:
- profiles,
- guides,
- gears,
- retaining screws,
- instrumentation,
- bottle and can turning machines,
- components for transporters.

We manufacture industrial machinery. We manufacture devices used in the food industry. We are a manufacturer of conveyor belts for various sectors of the economy.

Our services also include replacement of skylights made of chamber polycarbonate. We use polycarbonate, because it is easy to maintain and provides excellent thermal insulation.

Our offer further includes welding of steel structures. We use the MIG/MAG and TIG methods. We also weld plastics and aluminium. The structures manufactured by us are sanded and sharp edges are removed.

We encourage you to use our services - CMPLAST company in Długie.

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