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EUROBALT ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING METHODS AND PARTS/TECHNOLOGIES We Manufacture different Assembled hydraulic cylinders as well as hydraulic cylinder parts at our facilities according to OEM. Our group is a supplier of metal parts, produced by various technologies in-house by our facilities at our JV. As a die casting manufacturer, we make a wide range of parts for different industries. But our biggest achievement is co-operation with large companies in the automotive industry and manufacturers of LED lighting for large industrial facilities and airports. Our powder metallurgy workshop delivers different parts and applications, and we succeed in meeting constantly increasing demands of our customers. Our metalworking facilities have been mainly used to perform secondary operations to finish manufactured die casted parts and PM metal parts. Due to an increase in customer demand and production growth, we can manufacture large batches.. Our group provides cemented carbides components such as Carbides for oil and gas industry, Caribes for DTH and PDC drill bits, Carbides for geological exploration, Tungsten welding parts. Among other products, we manufacture absorbers components of any complexity. Our facilities, produce an additional 200000 per month and can be increased according to customer requirement

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General Application of Aluminum Die Casting

General Application of Aluminum Die Casting

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Die Casting is a proven old method of manufacturing with roots in thousands of B.C. but the modern form of casting traces its roots to the mid-19th century. Development of quicker mobility vehicles and die casting were in lockstep with use of Aluminum as a primary alloy coming in later. Aluminum die casting parts since have become the dominant manufactured die casted parts. While zinc and other alloy casting is also used depending on the properties required by a particular machine where there are to be installed. There is are clear reasons why Aluminum Die casting is preferred for most applications. They are light, with great dimensional stability, highly conductive of heat and electricity and extremely resistive to corrosion. Finding all of these qualities in one is why application of Aluminum die casting is so vast. There are number of appliances in your home, office, transportation, and surrounding that uses, in some degree, aluminum die casting parts.


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