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FastGas is one of the biggest producers of premium European nitrous oxide cream chargers. Quality plays a huge role in the N2O market, that’s why our company ensures the quality of its products in order to satisfy the needs of its customers according to international standards, because it can be very dangerous to supply nitrous oxide of poor quality. Therefore, there are a number of requirements set by the European Union. They strictly control the use of nitrous oxide and its transport. Besides the fact that it is good to think about the environment nowadays, especially since it represents a major priority on which our company wishes to act, it is also an economic advantage. We recommend looking for a manufacturer who sells large nitrous oxide cream chargers. For small (7.5g) cream chargers you need 85 cream chargers to have the same amount of nitrous oxide gas as a cream charger of 615g. This allows our customers to save on packaging costs, storage space and transportation costs. If our webshop range does not offer the quantities you need, then becoming a distributor could be the perfect solution, simply by filling out the distributor form listed on our website. You will be the first to know about price fluctuations and special offers, we always offer the best possible price and make sure your company never runs out of stock ! You will be in direct contact with our sales directors who can help you manage your orders and answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us !

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How to use Fast Gas cream charger and create whipped cream tutorial

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