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IBC Wälzlager GmbH has been active in the field of anti-friction bearing technology for 45 years. It continues to build on the traditions of Robert Kling Wetzlar GmbH which was founded in 1972. Many of the product lines, such as highly precise anti-friction bearings, special anti-friction bearings and linear anti-friction bearings, were developed further using our experience and extensive expertise and brought up to the highest technical standard. The strategic importance of quality and the consequent pursuit of our company strategy has significantly contributed to the success of our company across all markets. We consistently develop our expertise and technological competence by continuously developing and optimising our products as we consistently prove at our production sites in Solms-Oberbiel (Germany), Asslar (Germany) and Grenchen (Switzerland). A process-oriented quality management system ensures that we are fully focused on the customer's needs.

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