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IDG-Dichtungstechnik GmbH sees itself as a technology centre for innovative high and ultra-high performance seals. As a developer and manufacturer, IDG concentrates its competence on seals whose materials are mainly based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). IDG uses the brand name of MANOY® for all products constructed on the basis of its own compounds. The IDG product programme comprises seals, O‑rings and bearing elements for all standard industrial applications. These are summarised here in the corresponding catalogues. IDG seals come in versions compliant with DIN/ISO as well as with industry standards that have been developed on the market and at IDG. Another focus of our activities lies in the adaptive design and manufacture of seals and sealing elements for special requirements. Special seals are often needed because of the dimensions of existing grooves in older constructions. Customised special seals. IDG offers the exceptional service of developing high-performance, customer-specific seals for complex sets of requirements on an individual basis. In this we are helped by, among other things, our wide-ranging experience with very special MANOY® material compounds. Industry-specific seals. Food processing technology and hydroelectric engineering place quite specific demands on seals. Standardised industrial seals are usually unsuitable for a variety of reasons.

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