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The products from Padberg + Palatec Logistic GmbH, including all kinds of warehousing and transportation frames – whether steel, wood or both combined – are designed for use in all areas of industry and trade. We are experts in the custom design, development and manufacture of special load carriers for specific requirements in the field of warehousing equipment and for large projects. We regularly develop and manufacture industry-specific load carriers, such as those used in the automotive sector. Besides customer-specific load carriers, our portfolio also includes post pallets, pallet cages, stacking frames, pallet collars, U-bolt pallets and rolling containers. Many of our standard models are built to standardised dimensions, such as the Euro pallet 800x1200. What's more, you'll find our product portfolio offers all the operational and warehousing equipment you need. Our product range spans from waste containers to lift trucks and cabinets and even tool trolleys. Our dedicated and highly trained employees working with modern, high-performance machinery and robots, combined with a consultancy team of many years' experience, are guaranteed to solve your problems and fulfil your every requirement. Together we will find the perfect warehousing and transport solution for your company!


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  • stacking frames for pallets
  • Cage stacking frames for pallets
  • Pallet cages
  • Cargo carriers
  • Stores and factory equipment
  • Post pallets
  • Special load carriers
  • Pallet collars for warehousing (customer-specific)
  • Wooden pallet collars