TechniSat has been one of the leading German manufacturers in the field of consumer electronics for over 30 years. With about 1200 employees at eight sites, we develop and produce user-friendly and innovative products and offer our customers outstanding service and maximum quality. In addition to smart TVs, digital receivers and digital radios, we produce respiratory masks and medical MNS masks. In the production of masks, we count on Made in Germany quality. The masks are produced at our site in Schöneck in the Vogtland district (Saxony). The non-woven filter material that is very important for mask production, known as melt-blown non-woven material, also comes from Germany, from our sister company TechniForm. TechniForm has been a specialist in the area of plastics processing for more than ten years. Our masks and the melt-blown non-woven material are regularly subject to strict quality controls. It is our number one priority to offer you only first-class quality.

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  • Masks for everyday use
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  • Non-woven filter materials
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