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    APVIENOTĀ KARALISTE- Kidderminster

    Piegādātājs: Ceramics, industrial | ceramics for technical and industrial use | industrial ceramics

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    NĪDERLANDE- Willemstad Nb

    Piegādātājs: ceramics for technical and industrial use | Sūkņi

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  • Piegādātājs: Ceramics, industrial | ceramics for technical and industrial use | ceramic

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  • ...ship building and plant building industries since 1920. Our products range from small wheel sets with wheel diameters of 250 mm for transporters or turntables through to crane wheels of up to 1600 mm in...

    Piegādātājs: Riteņi, ritentiņi un skrituļi | pulleys | pulleys for goods lifts | lift wheels | handling wheels [+] wheels and castors | rubber rollers | crane construction | railroad vehicles | cranes | rollers | wheels and wheel sets for light rails | wheel sets for rail-bound vehicles | axlebox bearings | crane wheels

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    VĀCIJA- Stadtoldendorf
    SCHOTT DIAMANTWERKZEUGE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...plastics processing as well as for the optical industry. The tools manufactured for our customers are adapted to: •The materials to be machined •The machines used •The required production targets. History: The...

    Piegādātājs: Dimanta griežņi | diamond disks | diamond hollow drills | diamond grinding tools | cbn tools [+] cnc glass machining | dental drills | diamond polishing tools | microdrills | diamond tools for ceramic and glass processing | dental tools for laboratories/dentists | diamond tools for medical technology | diamond tools for brittle hard material processing | ultrasonic tools | diamond and cbn special tools

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    FRANCIJA- Sorbiers
    MARTEAU & LEMARIE - Verified by Europages

    ...and other precision balls (tungsten carbide, ceramic, glass, bronze and brass balls). Precision steel and stainless steel balls are defined by their nominal diameter, the raw material from which they are made and by their...

    Piegādātājs: Precizitātes lodes | grinding balls | plastic balls | ceramic balls | polishing ball [+] carbide balls | balls made of special alloys | industrial balls | carbon balls | aluminium balls | control ball | metal balls | hollow balls | industrial, high-precision balls | cleaning bearings

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  • well when it is needed. Our design team and technical team (consisting of engineers) are capable of solving complicated dust filtration processes. We have built more than 200 dust collectors and bag house filters so far. We are...

    Piegādātājs: Gaisa atputekļošana - iekārtas un sistēmas | Gaisa apstrāde - iekārtas un sistēmas | Gaisa attīrīšana - iekārtas un sistēmas | Gaisa filtrēšana - aprīkojums | air treatment systems [+] air treatment | air purification | air purifiers | air filtration system | fume collectors for ventilation ducts | air filters | cartridge filters | centrifugal filters | centrifugal fans | cyclones for air cleaning

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