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POKROVSKY JEWELRY makes jewelry: gold and silver jewelry pieces with gemstones. The jewelry factory designs, manufactures and distributes jewelry in bulk and by retail all over the world: •gold necklaces, earrings, chains, wedding and ordinary rings, pendants, piercings, brooches, bracelets; •gold rings, cufflinks, tie clips; •silver lavaliers, rings, necklaces, cuff & wrap earrings, brooches, earrings and other pieces of silver jewelry; •jewelry with cubic zirconia, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, garnets, opals, aquamarines, pearls, sapphires, citrines and other gemstones; •badges and corporate souvenirs made of gold and silver. The company's history began in 2000, when the military pilot Mikhail Pyatashov founded a workshop in the Russian city of Pokrov. Nowadays POKROVSKY JEWELRY is a large, up-to-date jewelry factory with 300 skilled employees, advanced technologies and patented solutions. The company's technicians are well-known far beyond the borders of Russia. The exceptional designs of gold and silver jewelry pieces by POKROVSKY JEWELRY set trends in the jewelry industry and gain recognition at Russian and international exhibitions, documented by awards and certificates. The company offers to design custom-made jewelry items (from an idea and 3D-model to manufacturing and packaging) and wholesale supplies of jewelry pieces from the company's product range. Experienced gemologists will professionally pick out gemstones to suit your needs.

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Elvira Nabiullina - the head of the Central Bank of the Russ

Brooches as messages ・ 2021. g. 30. aug. lasīt vairāk Open In New icon

One day we were contacted by the correspondent of the business publication Interlocutor, who wrote material about the famous brooches of Elvira Nabiullina and asked if we know that at one of the events the chairman of the Central Bank appeared in a brooch from POKROVSKY JEWELRY? In March 2021, the head of the Central Bank went to the conference with our silver Orlan. All business media have already written about Nabiullina's brooches. With the help of them, she sends signals to bankers: a hawk - an increase in the key rate, a dove - a decrease, a tumbler - when the ruble collapses, a house - measures for self-isolation, etc. These are the "talking" chips.We are, of course, pleased that our brooch has attracted the attention of a high-ranking official. In nature, the bald eagle belongs to the hawk family and is considered not only a predator, but also one of the most beautiful and proud birds in the world.



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